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WINNER Hackathon: What is it?

In the vibrant pulse of the WINNER project, our Hackathon is currently in full swing across partner countries, setting the stage for transformative entrepreneurial journeys. This unique event is an immersive dive into the world of social entrepreneurship, where participants are refining their innovative concepts for a lasting impact.

Over the past weeks, dedicated women entrepreneurs have begun a comprehensive 8-week program, exploring crucial facets such as business models, leadership, digital marketing, and more. The Hackathon acts as a dynamic hub, shaping realistic and achievable business goals. The energy is palpable as diverse ideas converge and evolve.

The collaborative spirit extends globally in Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Turkey, France and Bulgaria, fostering an environment where entrepreneurship meets societal change. As these empowered women navigate through the intensive training, their visions for social impact are crystallizing into tangible plans.

Stay tuned for further updates on the WINNER Hackathon as it unfolds, marking another milestone in our collective journey towards fostering innovation and social entrepreneurship.

WINNER Hackathon: How does it work?

The WINNER Hackathon unfolds over a meticulous 8-week program, cultivating social entrepreneurship among 8-12 women and their dedicated mentors. The journey started with a foundational Welcome Session, where participants engaged in introductory sessions, project presentations, and mentor introductions, setting the stage for a structured evaluation.

As the weeks progress, each session will tackle essential aspects of entrepreneurial development:

  • Week 2: The focus shifts to aligning business ideas with personal purpose, crafting detailed business plans, and identifying the positive impact of each participant’s unique concept.
  • Week 3: Participants explore the intricacies of a go-to-market strategy, understanding products or services, market segmentation, pricing strategies, and distribution channels.
  • Week 4: Soft skills take center stage as entrepreneurs elevate their competence, focusing on personal skill mapping to enhance effectiveness in their respective fields.
  • Week 5: Strategic construction of marketing plans, including the 5Ps of Marketing, communication strategies, stakeholder identification, empathy mapping, and offline/online communication tools.
  • Week 6: Financial literacy becomes paramount, covering costs, revenues, annual accounts, profitability and liquidity ratios, cash flows, investment viability analysis, and the importance of budgets.
  • Week 7: Entrepreneurs explore fundraising alternatives, delve into stages of investment, identify sources of capital, and understand the intricate process of fundraising.
  • Week 8: The program concludes with a reflection on true stories of failures and successes, culminating in a final portfolio review, encapsulating the comprehensive journey of the WINNER Hackathon.

Culminating at the end of 2023, 3 of the participants of the WINNER Hackathon will have the opportunity to present their business ideas at a pitching event in Valencia, Spain, in February 2024. The winner will be supported by the various partners, and their idea will be promoted and implemented.

WINNER Hackathon: How is it going?

Many of the partner countries have started their own individual WINNER Hackathons, bringing together a group of women entrepreneurs and a diverse bunch of mentors who will help guide them in the development of their business ideas.


Energetic Bulgarian WINNER Hackathon participants showed enthusiasm, expertise, and innovative ideas in their first sessions.

French WINNER Hackathon participants engaged in inaugural sessions, showcasing motivation, commitment, and a pathway to business success.

WINNER Hackathon Spain has finished their first three sessions with an amazing group of inspiring, exceptional women who are eager to share, participate, and learn from each other.

Stay Tuned!