WINNER Online Platform

WINNER: Women Inclusion through Innovative Social Entrepreneurship Practices Design is a European project dedicated to supporting women to fulfil their trajectory in the entrepreneurial world. The materialization of the WINNER project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. The direct target groups include:

  1. Adult Women.
  2. Female business leaders who will take on the role of mentoring the beneficiaries.

The project’s selection processes will be founded on age, culturally, and socially neutral policies to surpass pertinent stereotypes.

Get to know the WINNER Team

The project’s consortium consists of: AMSED Association Migration Solidarity and Exchange for Development (France), Trend Education NGO (Turkey), INSOMNIA CONSULTING SOCIEDAD LIMITADA (Spain), FONDATSIYA NA BIZNESA ZA OBRAZOVANI (Bulgaria), APID Imprenditorialità Donna Torino (Italy), Anatolia Genclik Dernegi (Turkey), and A.B. INSTITUTE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT LTD (Cyprus).

The Expected Project Results

The WINNER consortium is aiming to produce the following results:

PR1: WINNER Platform & Open Call

The WINNER training platform will be designed with emphasis on the learners. And, in particular, the consortium aims to cultivate autonomous learning and trigger intellectual curiosity, along with creative engagement. Among other elements, the platform includes community building features such as: blogs; virtual meeting rooms; and social networking applications.

PR2: WINNER Curriculum

On the other hand, the WINNER curriculum is intended for online use. The primary focus of PR 2 will be on entrepreneurial competences; leadership and change making competences; and, social-emotional competencies (soft skills). The modules will be designed to create impact on:

I. Train adult women that are interested in entrepreneurship.

II. Train the trainers (mentors) to impart knowledge.

PR3: WINNER Training Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to support the participants’ working groups in the processes of concept and prototype development in a comprehensive manner. The detailed instructions will ensure that all mentors will be trained according to the guiding principles of effective mentoring. Moreover, they will be able to motivate the groups to make substantial progress in entrepreneurship.

PR4: Social Entrepreneurship Women’s

Finally, throughout the course of 8 weeks, a women’s hackathon will be organized. In particular, transnational groups will have the opportunity to apply the acquired skills, tools, and concepts. The participants will work on an entrepreneurial idea and will develop a novel prototype for their final presentations. 

The event is expected to strengthen the links within the community, through an exciting, clear, and well-organized process, led by the project mentors.

The Kick-Off Meeting of WINNER

From the 8th to the 10th of March, AMSED hosted the WINNER kick-off meeting in Strasbourg, France. The partners had the opportunity to finalize and validate the members’ list for the project coordination team as well as the steering committee; and, discussed the frequency of online meetings schedule (via Zoom).

Moreover, each partner presented the specificities of its local context to set a well-defined frame of the project’s target audience. 

Finally, the kick-off meeting concluded with the partners clarifying the division of tasks, in terms of work packages; dissemination; and, quality and sustainability of the project.