WINNER Online Platform

Women Inclusion through Innovative  
Social Entrepreneurship Practices 




Get to know the WINNER Project 

WINNER: Women Inclusion through Innovative Social Entrepreneurship Practices Design is a European project dedicated to support women to fulfill their trajectory on the entrepreneurial world. The materialization of WINNER project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. 

The direct target groups include: 

  • Adult Women. 
  • Female business leaders who will take on the role of mentoring the beneficiaries. 


The open enrollment period has ended for the WINNER Women’s Entrepreneurship Education Program, which is built on age, cultural and socially neutral policies to overcome the relevant stereotypes. The project attracted 87 applicants from 6 countries with a commitment to active participation in the WINNER programme. 


Get to know the WINNER Team 

The project’s consortium consists of:  

  • AMSED Association Migration Solidarity and Exchange for Development (France),  
  • TENGO Trend Education NGO (Turkiye),  
  • INSOMNIA Consultıng Socıedad Lımıtada (Spain),  
  • BFE Fondatsıya Na Bıznesa Za Obrazovanı (Bulgaria),  
  • APID Imprenditorialità Donna Torino (Italy),  
  • AYA Anatolia Genclik Dernegi (Turkiye) 
  • A.B. IED Instıtute Of Entrepreneurshıp Development Ltd (Cyprus). 


Work continues on the Expected Project Results 

 The WINNER consortium continues to work rapidly on the following results it aims to produce: 


  • PR1: WINNER Platform & Open Call Launching 

WINNER open call aiming to introduce the windows of opportunity offered by the project was held in the consortium countries between 28 April – 31 May. As a result of the evaluation of the incoming applications, a total of 70 Women entrepreneur candidates were selected to be included in the project activities. 

The WINNER platform, which offers interactive training, guidance and support to entrepreneurial women, was launched with its demo version. Module 1: Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship: Where are the Women?​ is presented for users’ comments and reviews.


  • PR2: WINNER Curriculum  

The WINNER curriculum, with the primary focus on entrepreneurship competencies, leadership and change-making competencies, and social-emotional competencies (social skills), is in the final preparatory phase with the following relevant documents. 

  1. Module Presentation 
  1. Section Content 
  1. Skill Information Cards 
  1. Self-Assessment Questionnaire  


  • PR3: WINNER Training Guidelines   

Training guidelines that aim to comprehensively support the working groups of the participants in the concept and prototype development processes have begun to be developed. 

The detailed instructions will ensure that all mentors will be trained according to the guiding principles of effective mentoring. Moreover, they will be able to motivate the groups to make substantial progress in entrepreneurship.  


  • PR4: Social Entrepreneurship Women’s Hackathon  

Finally, throughout the course of 8 weeks, a women’s hackathon will be organized. In particular, transnational groups will have the opportunity to apply the acquired skills, tools, and concepts. The participants will work on an entrepreneurial idea and will develop a novel prototype for their final presentations.   

The event is expected to strengthen the links within the community, through an exciting, clear, and well-organized process, led by the project mentors.   


Steering Committee online meetings of WINNER 

Within the framework of the WINNER project, 13 main meetings (via zoom) were held with the participation of all partners.  

All these meetings played a critical role in discussing the project outputs and produced documents and determining the steps to be taken for the next steps. 


Stay Tuned!