WINNER Online Platform

The WINNER Hackathon Open Call selected the 10 most promising and innovative social ideas per country in six different countries (France, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Cyprus and Bulgaria) with high potential for market.

Do you know what an educational hackathon is? It’s a creative way to rapidly develop a first business idea prototype through innovation and collaboration.

Who participated?

The WINNER Hackathon was open to all adult women who encounter significant challenges, such as financial constraints or limited access to resources.

Through the course of 8 weeks, the WINNER implementation team organized an entrepreneurship women’s hackathon. Specifically, national groups were formed and benefited from:

  • Applicable methodologies and practical tools for business launching: with the objective of shortening time and minimizing costs of business development.
  • Business Skills Development Workshops: the workshops provided participants with complementary skills necessary for the development of the business project (business skills, internet and social network marketing, etc.).
  • Continuous Mentoring: each entrepreneur or working group was offered the advice, information and guidance of a mentor/group of mentors who guided them in any aspect they need in the development of their business project.
  • Networking opportunity: the national events were held so that entrepreneurs who successfully completed the Hackhathon could have the opportunity to present their own projects, making these events an excellent networking opportunity.
  • Transnational Pitching Day: the winners’ ideas were presented by the participants at an international pitching session in Valencia, Spain, in early 2024

Learn more in our PR4 hackathon Working Manual