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I've been the contact person and conducted 2 Comenius and 8 Erasmus + projects so far two of
which are still runnning.
I've attended lots of international courses;How to make our school more
international(Erasmus+KA101),Competences for 21st Century Schools-Erasmus+ Projects,Flipped
learning-Web Collaborative Teaching Web 2.00 tools and Games in Schools,etc.
I'm National Geographic Certified Educator,Apple Teacher,MIE eSports Leader,Wakelet
ambassador,Flipgrid Ambassador,Game-Hub Thinking Ambassador, Scientix Ambassador.
I'm also collaborating with Gamfed Turkey which is an NGO works with volunteers and clarifies
gamification concept in education and business.
a non-profit organization that brings together Turkish gaming industry actors.
Gamfed's vision is to make gaming industry in Turkey, the best of local conditions on the world
market with the strongest ecosystem.
For this purpose, Gamfed is carrying out lobbying activities in order to pave the way to make
research studies and market analysis for the creation of legal regulations in Turkey and abroad. In
addition, Gamfed Turkey is playing a leading role by transforming results of these analysis and
studies to helpful suggestions for the government and local authorities
I've been involved in TED -Transatlantic Educators Dialogue Online Moodle conducted by Ilinois
University and European Education Center since 2020.

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