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F.lli Bonfanti is an Italian family owned company that is producing high quality fashion button since 1946. Since almost 80 years the company creates two new seasonal buttons collection with approx 200 new styles each year. Thanks to a sound network of agents and distributors the buttons line are presented to the most important fashion retail shops in Italy/Europe/US/Japan/China and in several other countries. Having a unique and high quality product the company is also proud to work with several important fashion brands in Italy and in Europe. My main tasks and responsibilities:
• Daily management of the company international agents/distributors
• Daily Customer care
• Identification of new possible products and area of business
• Organization and participation to fairs and events abroad
• Visiting customers both in the retail sector and in the garment industry
• Technical and aesthetical assessment of raw materials and production phases to advise the final customer
• Creative work in line with economic and organizational choices of the fashion industry
• Research and innovation in the creation of new project see la Guerra dei bottoni
• New Project Identification from the concept to the realization (possible partnership building, budgeting, follow-up of the production phases, selection of possible partners); see la Guerra dei bottoni
• Assistance to fashion designers in translating their ideas/needs in buttons
• Participation to international fairs both in Europe (Italy/Germany/UK/Spain) and in US and China
• Risk management, capacity to set priorities and respect deadlines

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