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Women Inclusion through Innovative Social Entrepreneurship Practices

NEWSLETTER #3 April 2023


WINNER Project Midterm Update and Next Steps 


The WINNER consortium has met on March 1st and 2nd in Italy to review the progress of our initiative at an interim phase and plan our next steps. We had a very productive session, including Italian female entrepreneurs and mentors, who joined us to share ideas and feedback. The meeting was hosted by APID Torino.  


The partners have developed the Winner online platform and the online training course in social entrepreneurship, and star tpiloting it with users.

In May, the course will be available in all partners languages and we will conduct a training workshop for mentors who will support our female course participants on their learning journey. Till October they will conduct monthly training sessions with the WINNER course participants.

At the end of 2023, the participants will demonstrate the gained skills and knowledge in a Hackathon, where they will work in teams to develop their business ideas, and in January they will present them at pitching events in all partners countries. The teams with the 3 best ideas will participate to the final event in Valencia in February 2024. The partners will support the winning idea to be promoted and realized.


WINNER Platform and Training Course


The WINNER platform is ready. It contains a brief information about the project, the consortium and the involved mentors, as well as the training course, a forum section and news.

The WINNER training course contains 6 modules for learners and 1 for mentors.
Each module includes a module presentation, section content, skills cards with description of the competencies developed in the module, as well as a self-assessment questionnaire that learners take before and after the course.


Module 7– Being a Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs, has been especially designed for mentors. It aims to ensure that female learners, who face various social and economic challenges and psychological barriers, receive adequately and comprehensive support. The module provides mentors with step-by-step guidelines how to motivate and encourage participants during their learning journey to entrepreneurship.


First Results from Piloting of The WINNER Platform and Training Course with Mentors, Experts and Learners

The WINNER Project training course has been piloted with a group of 19 English-speaking participants from 6 partner countries.

The 6 mentors, 5 experts, and 8 female learners provide a very high evaluation of the content of the WINNER e-platform & learning materials in terms of relevance, clarity, way of presenting the content, and its visualization:


The course provides a lot of knowledge that could be applied in the practice.”


“As an expert, I believe that learners will gain valuable knowledge and skills that they can apply in their own social entrepreneurship endeavors. The training program covers a comprehensive range of topics, from basic concepts in entrepreneurship to financial management and mentorship, that are essential to the development of social entrepreneurship skills.”

“It is also important for mentors, as they learn the basic characteristics a mentor must have to lead their workers and keep them motivated.”

“The modules are available to every woman who wants to learn about entrepreneurship even if they didn’t start their journey of entrepreneurship, it can give them hope and courage to launch their ideas.”

The partners collected very useful comments and suggestions on how to make the learning materials and program even more effective for the users and by the end of May, they will make the final modifications and upload the translated materials on the platform.

“As an entrepreneur, I gained valuable knowledge from the social entrepreneurship training program, particularly in the area of financial management. I believe that the knowledge gained from the social entrepreneurship training program is highly valuable and applicable for women who aspire to become social entrepreneurs.”


Stay Tuned!